385 Questions to Ask an Air Force Recruiter

385 Questions to Ask an Air Force Recruiter

Thinking about joining the Air Force? That’s awesome! But before you dive in, asking the right questions is super important. After all, this is a big step in your life. 

From what to expect in basic training to how the Air Force takes care of your family, we’ve got a long list of questions you can ask to get all the info you need and make a smart decision. So let’s get started!

Table of Contents

  • About The Application Process
  • About Basic Training
  • About Job Roles And Careers
  • About Physical And Medical Requirements
  • About Benefits And Pay
  • About Deployment And Travel
  • About Life On Base
  • About Family Support And Resources
  • About Special Programs Or Initiatives
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Who can join the Air Force?
    • Can I join with a friend or family member?
    • What’s the difference between active duty and reserves?
  • Conclusion

About The Application Process

  1. What are the first steps to apply for the Air Force?
  2. How long does the application process usually take?
  3. What kind of documents will I need to provide?
  4. Is there an entrance exam? If so, what’s it like?
  5. Can I apply online, or does it have to be in person?
  6. Do I need letters of recommendation?
  7. Are there any fees involved in the application?
  8. Can I apply if I’m not a U.S. citizen?
  9. What’s the age limit for applying?
  10. Is prior military service a plus?
  11. How competitive is the application process?
  12. Are there any disqualifiers that would automatically rule me out?
  13. What happens after I submit my application?
  14. Is there an interview process?
  15. How should I prepare for the entrance exam?
  16. Can I reapply if my first application is rejected?
  17. What are the requirements for a high school or GED diploma?
  18. Are college credits or degrees beneficial in the application process?
  19. What happens if I have a criminal record?
  20. Is there a waiting list?
  21. How soon can I expect to start basic training after being accepted?
  22. Can I choose my start date for basic training?
  23. Are there any pre-application programs or workshops to help prepare?
  24. Can I apply for specific job roles during the application process?
  25. How do I check the status of my application?
  26. Is there a quota for recruitment each year?
  27. Do I need to pass a drug test during the application process?
  28. How does the application process differ for officers and enlisted personnel?
  29. Can I apply if I have dual citizenship?
  30. Do I need a driver’s license to apply?
  31. Can I consult someone if I need help during the application?
  32. Are there any seasonal recruitment drives?
  33. How does prior work experience factor into the application?
  34. Can I apply with a friend or as a group?
  35. What’s the policy on disclosing medical history during the application?

About Basic Training

  1. How long is basic training?
  2. What kind of skills will I learn?
  3. Where does basic training take place?
  4. What should I pack for basic training?
  5. How tough is the training?
  6. Can the family visit during basic training?
  7. How many people are usually in a training group?
  8. What’s the daily schedule like?
  9. Do you have free time during training?
  10. What happens if you fail a part of the training?
  11. How is the food?
  12. What kind of physical activities should I expect?
  13. Are there tests during training?
  14. Can I bring personal items like a phone or laptop?
  15. What’s the most challenging part of basic training?
  16. How do you get assigned to a training group?
  17. Are there any holidays during training?
  18. What should I do to prepare?
  19. What kind of uniform will I wear?
  20. Is there any swimming involved?
  21. How many instructors will be there?
  22. What are the sleeping arrangements?
  23. Can I attend religious services during training?
  24. What happens after I complete basic training?
  25. How do people usually adjust to the training environment?
  26. What’s the dropout rate?
  27. Are there showers and basic amenities?
  28. Can you send and receive mail?
  29. What is the discipline system like?
  30. Can you get kicked out?
  31. What is the passing grade for tests?
  32. How do people usually feel after completing basic training?
  33. Do you learn about Air Force history?
  34. What kind of medical care is available?
  35. Can you call home during training?
  36. What’s the policy on contacting family and friends while in training?
  37. Are there any optional courses or classes during basic training?
  38. Is there a graduation ceremony after completing basic training?
  39. Can you retake tests if you don’t pass the first time?
  40. Are there any educational benefits during or after basic training?
  41. What kind of footwear should I bring, or will it be provided?
  42. How early do you wake up each day?
  43. Are there any activities during the weekends?
  44. How are roommates or bunkmates selected?
  45. What’s the policy on personal grooming, like haircuts or shaving?
  46. Can you receive care packages from home?
  47. How does the Air Force handle homesickness during basic training?
  48. What’s the difference between Air Force basic training and that of other military branches?
  49. Are there study materials I can look at before starting basic training?
  50. How are discipline and rewards handled?
  51. Is there a library or resource center?
  52. Do you get to interact with people in advanced training?
  53. What safety measures are in place during training?
  54. What kind of first aid training is provided?
  55. What are the gender-specific arrangements or facilities, if any?
  56. Are there any specific cultural or religious accommodations?
  57. How do you handle personal emergencies during basic training?
  58. What kind of support is available for emotional well-being?
  59. Is there an orientation period before the actual training starts?
  60. How much luggage can I bring?

About Job Roles And Careers

  1. What kinds of jobs are there in the Air Force?
  2. How are jobs assigned?
  3. Can I switch jobs later on?
  4. What kind of training comes after basic training?
  5. Are there jobs that require special skills?
  6. Can I work in intelligence or cybersecurity?
  7. What’s the promotion process like?
  8. Do I need a college degree for certain roles?
  9. What jobs are in high demand?
  10. How does job assignment affect where you’re stationed?
  11. What’s the average time someone stays in a job?
  12. Are there travel opportunities?
  13. Can I get certified in certain skills?
  14. How does the Air Force help with career growth?
  15. What kind of leadership opportunities are there?
  16. Do you get to choose where you’re stationed?
  17. Are there civilian jobs in the Air Force?
  18. Can I be a pilot?
  19. How competitive are the roles?
  20. Do you get to work with other branches of the military?
  21. What benefits come with different jobs?
  22. Are there part-time jobs?
  23. What’s the work-life balance like?
  24. Are there opportunities for women in combat roles?
  25. Can you have a side job?
  26. Do jobs require a security clearance?
  27. What happens if you don’t like your job?
  28. How does pay differ between roles?
  29. Are there mentorship programs?
  30. Can I work overseas?
  31. How are families affected by your job?
  32. Is it possible to work in medicine or healthcare?
  33. Can you take leave or vacation?
  34. Are there jobs that let you work from home?
  35. What happens when you retire or leave the Air Force?

About Physical And Medical Requirements

  1. What’s the physical fitness test like?
  2. Do I need perfect vision?
  3. Are there height and weight requirements?
  4. Can I join if I have asthma?
  5. What if I have a medical condition?
  6. Are there age limits?
  7. Do I need to get vaccinations?
  8. Is there a dental check?
  9. What kind of medical exams will I go through?
  10. How often do you need to pass the fitness test?
  11. Can you join if you’ve had surgery?
  12. What are the requirements for being a pilot?
  13. Are there mental health checks?
  14. What’s the process if you get sick or injured?
  15. Can you be disqualified for tattoos or piercings?
  16. Do women have different fitness standards?
  17. Can I join if I take prescription medications?
  18. Are there jobs that have easier physical requirements?
  19. Can you join if you wear glasses or contacts?
  20. What happens if you fail the medical exams?
  21. How do you prepare for the fitness tests?
  22. Is color blindness a disqualification?
  23. Can you get a waiver for certain medical conditions?
  24. What’s the hearing test like?
  25. Are there dietary restrictions or requirements?
  26. Can you be deployed if you have a medical issue?
  27. How tough is the psychological evaluation?
  28. Are there any disqualifying mental health conditions?
  29. What happens if you get injured during training?
  30. Can you join with a criminal record?
  31. What kind of drug tests are there?
  32. Are there any banned substances?
  33. What if you have allergies?
  34. Can you be a reservist with medical limitations?
  35. How long does the medical evaluation process take?
  36. Is there a BMI (Body Mass Index) requirement?
  37. What are the running times I should aim for in the physical test?
  38. Can you join if you have had mental health treatment in the past?
  39. Are there any restrictions for people with diabetes?
  40. Do you need a certain level of physical fitness before joining?
  41. Are there skin condition disqualifications, like eczema?
  42. How is the physical training test scored?
  43. Are there any restrictions on previous surgeries like LASIK for vision correction?
  44. What if you have flat feet?
  45. Is sleep apnea a disqualifying condition?
  46. What are the fitness standards for older recruits?
  47. Are dietary supplements allowed?
  48. Can you join if you have ADHD or have taken medication for it?
  49. Is a family history of certain medical conditions a problem?
  50. How often will I need to undergo medical evaluations after joining?
  51. Do you need to have all your immunizations up to date before joining?
  52. What kind of medical insurance is provided during training?
  53. Is there a requirement for lung capacity or cardiovascular health?
  54. Are there any exemptions for religious beliefs regarding medical tests or vaccines?
  55. Do you do blood tests for any specific conditions?
  56. What kind of footgear is recommended or provided for those with arch or foot issues?
  57. Is previous history of substance abuse a disqualification?
  58. Are there any additional physical requirements for specialized roles like Special Forces?
  59. Is a “high-stress” test part of the medical evaluation?
  60. Can you wear orthopedic inserts for boots during training?

About Benefits And Pay

  1. What’s the starting salary?
  2. How often do you get paid?
  3. Are there any signing bonuses?
  4. What kind of health insurance is provided?
  5. Are there benefits for families?
  6. What’s the retirement plan like?
  7. Do you get paid extra for overseas duty?
  8. Are there any educational benefits?
  9. Is housing provided, or do you get a housing allowance?
  10. What kind of job security is there?
  11. Are there opportunities for extra pay?
  12. Do you get a food allowance?
  13. Is there a pension plan?
  14. What are the paid leave and vacation policies?
  15. Are there benefits for spouses?
  16. What happens if you get injured or sick on the job?
  17. Are there any childcare services?
  18. Do you get travel benefits?
  19. What kind of discounts are available for military personnel?
  20. How does the GI Bill work?
  21. Is there life insurance?
  22. Can you contribute to a 401(k) or similar plan?
  23. Are there any bonuses for special skills or languages?
  24. How does pay increase over time?
  25. Are there any tax benefits?
  26. Is there financial counseling or support available?
  27. Are there opportunities for career development and training?
  28. Do you get holiday pay?
  29. Is there relocation assistance?
  30. Can you get a loan through the military?
  31. Are there any grants or scholarships available?
  32. How do you qualify for promotions and raises?
  33. Are there benefits for continuing education?
  34. Are there any referral bonuses?
  35. What are the discharge and veterans benefits?

About Deployment And Travel

  1. How often can I expect to be deployed?
  2. How long do deployments usually last?
  3. Can you pick where you’re deployed to?
  4. Is there a way to extend a deployment if you like it?
  5. Do you get time off before and after deployments?
  6. Are deployments only overseas, or can they be within the U.S.?
  7. What kind of training do you get before deployment?
  8. Can you visit home during a deployment?
  9. Are there chances to travel for non-deployment reasons?
  10. What’s the policy for taking vacation days during deployments?
  11. Do you get to choose your job role during deployment?
  12. What’s the daily life like during a deployment?
  13. Can you call or video chat with family while deployed?
  14. How are deployed locations chosen?
  15. Is there a limit to how many times you can be deployed?
  16. What kind of support services are available while deployed?
  17. Is there additional pay during deployment?
  18. What happens if you have a family emergency while deployed?
  19. Are you allowed personal time while deployed?
  20. Are there any restrictions on what you can bring during deployment?
  21. How does deployment affect career advancement?
  22. Is there specific gear provided for deployments?
  23. Are there options for deployments that are less combat-oriented?
  24. How are you matched with a unit for deployment?
  25. Can you decline a deployment?
  26. What kind of medical facilities are available during deployments?
  27. Are there opportunities for leisure or entertainment during deployment?
  28. How does deployment affect relationships and social life?
  29. Are there different rules for single and married personnel during deployment?
  30. Can family visit during deployments?
  31. Is it possible to attend educational courses during deployment?
  32. How does the Air Force handle stress or mental health during deployment?
  33. Can you travel independently during deployments?
  34. Are there options for cultural or language training before deployment?
  35. How does redeployment work when coming back?

About Life On Base

  1. How big are the bases?
  2. What kind of housing is available?
  3. Are families allowed on base?
  4. What’s the food like?
  5. Is there a gym or sports facilities?
  6. What are the rules about coming and going from the base?
  7. Are there any social activities or clubs?
  8. Can you have pets?
  9. Is there WiFi and internet access?
  10. What kind of security measures are in place?
  11. Are there shopping facilities or a commissary?
  12. What medical facilities are available on base?
  13. How far are bases usually from cities or towns?
  14. Are there schools for kids?
  15. Can civilians visit the base?
  16. What are the transport options like?
  17. Are there places of worship?
  18. What kind of work hours can I expect?
  19. Can you bring your own car?
  20. What’s the dress code when you’re not on duty?
  21. How are chores and duties divided?
  22. Is there an on-base library or learning center?
  23. Are there on-base employment opportunities for spouses?
  24. Are there places for relaxation and downtime?
  25. What’s the policy on alcohol?
  26. How is mail and package delivery handled?
  27. Are there barbers and salons on base?
  28. Can you live off-base?
  29. Is there a curfew?
  30. How are roommates or housemates assigned?
  31. What kind of support services are available for mental well-being?
  32. Are there on-base entertainment options like movies or theaters?
  33. What’s the policy on personal electronics?
  34. Are there any restrictions on photography or social media?
  35. What kind of emergency services are on base?

About Family Support And Resources

  1. Are there resources for spouses to find jobs?
  2. What kind of childcare services are available?
  3. Is family allowed to live with you on base?
  4. Are there family readiness programs?
  5. How does the Air Force support families during deployments?
  6. Are there educational programs for kids?
  7. Are there family counseling or support groups?
  8. Are there any special programs for families during holidays?
  9. Can families be a part of community activities on base?
  10. What resources are there for family healthcare?
  11. Are there resources for managing family finances?
  12. How are families prepared for emergencies?
  13. Are there activities for families to learn about military life?
  14. How are families involved in career advancements or ceremonies?
  15. Is there any family travel support?
  16. Are there parenting resources or programs?
  17. What are the spouse’s career advancement opportunities?
  18. How does the Air Force help with long-distance family relationships?
  19. What kind of housing resources are there for families?
  20. Are there special family benefits for those in particular roles or tasks?
  21. How are family members kept informed during deployments?
  22. Are there social events or get-togethers for families?
  23. Is there any legal support for families?
  24. Are there any programs to support children’s education?
  25. How are new parents supported?
  26. What kind of mental health resources are available for families?
  27. How does the Air Force help families adapt to new locations?
  28. Are there any family-focused newsletters or updates?
  29. Can family volunteer in base activities?
  30. What recreational facilities are available for families?
  31. Is there a family leave policy?
  32. Are there scholarship programs for dependents?
  33. How is the family prepared for the possibility of injury or loss?
  34. What is the protocol for family in case of emergency situations?
  35. Are there any spouse entrepreneurship programs?
  36. Are there any programs to help kids cope with the challenges of military life?
  37. How does the Air Force assist families with special needs?
  38. Are there resources for elderly family members like parents or grandparents?
  39. Is there a welcome program or orientation for new families coming to the base?
  40. Are there any specific programs for single parents?
  41. How does the Air Force support families during times of relocation?
  42. Are there opportunities for spouses to take skill-development courses?
  43. What kind of summer camps or activities are available for kids?
  44. Is there a way for family members to provide feedback or suggestions about family services?
  45. How does the Air Force prepare families for the return of a deployed member?

About Special Programs Or Initiatives

  1. Are there any programs for advancing in rank quickly?
  2. How can you get involved in research and development?
  3. Are there any special units you can apply for?
  4. Are there opportunities to study abroad?
  5. What special training programs are available?
  6. Is there a mentorship program?
  7. Are there leadership development programs?
  8. Can you cross-train into different job roles?
  9. Are there any programs for learning new languages?
  10. Is there any pilot training available?
  11. Are there community service opportunities?
  12. Can you participate in sports or athletics programs?
  13. How can you get involved in the Air Force Reserve?
  14. What kinds of international programs are there?
  15. Are there any diversity and inclusion initiatives?
  16. Are there cybersecurity programs?
  17. Can you specialize in emerging technologies like AI?
  18. What programs are there for environmental sustainability?
  19. Are there any exchange programs with other military branches?
  20. How can you get involved in teaching or training roles?
  21. Are there any public relations or communications initiatives?
  22. What programs focus on mental health and wellness?
  23. Are there any special honors or awards programs?
  24. How can you get involved in aviation maintenance or technology?
  25. Are there any cultural awareness or international relations programs?
  26. Can you get involved in disaster relief or humanitarian missions?
  27. What initiatives are there for women in the Air Force?
  28. Are there programs focusing on veterans or military history?
  29. Is there a pathway to becoming an officer?
  30. Are there any arts or creative programs?
  31. What programs are there for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)?
  32. Are there initiatives for financial literacy and planning?
  33. How can you get involved in space or satellite programs?
  34. What partnerships are there with civilian organizations or companies?
  35. Are there any initiatives for improving physical fitness?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the Air Force?

Anyone who meets the basic requirements can apply. These usually include:

  • Age: Different roles have different age limits.
  • Citizenship: Typically, you must be a citizen of the country where you apply.
  • Education: At least a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Physical Health: You need to be in good shape.
  • Background Check: A clean record is usually important.

Can I join with a friend or family member?

Some Air Forces have “Buddy Programs” where you and a friend or relative can enlist and go through some phases of training together. However, there’s no guarantee you’ll be stationed at the same base.

What’s the difference between active duty and reserves?

  • Active duty: Full-time commitment.
  • Reserves: Part-time. You’ll usually train one weekend a month and two weeks a year.


Remember, knowledge is power. The more you know, the better choices you can make. Don’t be shy—ask these questions and get the answers you need. Good luck on your journey, and aim high!

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